Our Team

Running a grassroots motorsports team is not easy. But it is a hell of a lot of fun. It takes a village and we've got one of the best villages around. Here are just a few of the awesome people that make what we do possible.

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James Wood

The Driver

AKA Jams. The drive and stubbornness behind the team he personifies “If there’s a will there's a way”, if you listen closely at Road Atlanta you can hear him yell “Here we go kids” driving into turn 12. FC RX7 and S2000


Devon Barkley

The Guy Who Does Whatever

Devon went to school to work on cars, he also built this website and used to take pictures of James and the FC before it was cool. He also drives really far to hang out with us at races.

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Tyler Hansen

The Crew Chief, Mechanic, and Engineer

AKA Handsome. He makes sure that the things Jams does to the car don't catch on fire and that no one gets killed while improving the FC using actual engineering knowledge. You will find him ripping around the pits on a 140cc swapped pit bike. E92 M3 & XJ Jeep 


Alfie Pineda

The Team Chef, Morale Support and Life Coach

Alfred is the team's big brother. He keeps us out of trouble, or at least he tries to. He deserves an A for Effort and A+ for his cooking skillz. E36 M3 and Chevy Silverado 

dalton anderson photo

Dalton Anderson

The Photographer, Videographer, and Team Rapper

Dalton is the creative genius for the team and encourages most of the poor decisions we make. If you hang out long enough he will ice you.  Ford Mustang (S550)


James Wood Racing is a grassroots motorsports team based out of the Clemson, SC area. We've been running events in the South East since 2012.